Meetings start at 1PM  for the public to gather and talks usually start at 2PM. Field Trips are members only, but you can sign up at any time through our membership page!


Date Topic/Event Presenter
Jan 14 Animal Education & The Future of the Hobby Rob Christian; More Details Here
Feb 11 Logistics of Running a Reptile Rescue Lauren O’Brien of the Gecko Sanctuary; More Details Here
Mar 11 Importance of Animals in Child Development Joe Kenney of Joe’s CrazzyCritters; More Details Here
Mar 18 Bristol County Agricultural High School Field Trip Brian Bastarache; More Details Here
Apr 8 Vernal Pools Local Field Trip and Cobra Presentation Rick Roth and Colin Thomas Strine; More Details Here
May 6 Monitor Lizards Dan Rowe @RoweReptiles; More Details Here
May 20 Cancelled due to issues with venue More details: Mass Reptile Expo
Jun 10 Bio-active Enclosures Ashley Bridges; More Details Here
July 8 Ticks & Tick Born Diseases New England Entomological Society; More Details Here
Aug 12 Field Herping TBA
Sep 9 Reptiles & Mythology (postponed due to technical difficulties) Derek Gunn
Sep 16 Fall Reptile Expo  More details: Mass Reptile Expo
Oct 14 Reptiles & Mythology Derek Gunn
Nov 11 Burmese Python Education Nick and Hillary Chandanais of ColdBlooded Pets
Dec 9 Holiday Pot Luck / A Visit from Urban Jungles Radio Danny Mendez @Urban Jungles Radio



Date Topic/Event Presenter
Jan 13 Snakes of New England Brian Bastarache
Feb 10 Taken!
Mar 10 Mosquitoes and Diseases New England Entomological Society
Mar 24 Bristol County Agricultural High School Field Trip Brian Bastarache; More Details Here
Apr 14 Vernal Pools Local Field Trip Rick Roth
May (day tbd) Field Herping Trip Christine Killroy
May 26 TBD Nick and Hillary Chandanais
Jun 9 Open!
Jun 16 Mass Reptile Expo!! More details: Mass Reptile Expo
July 14 Open!
Aug 11 Field Herping TBA
Sep 8  Open!
Sept Expo? TBA
Oct 13 Open!
Nov 10 Taken! Jason Raimondi
Dec 8 Holiday Pot Luck


Dear Prospective Presenter:

If you would like to come to a meeting and speak to our group, please choose an open date from the list above. Please tell us what format you can present with (PowerPoint, Keynote etc.) Let us know if you have a Mac or PC.

Your talk should run 30-45 minutes or so; 60 minutes is fine if you like!

If you need a slide projector or laptop projector, let us know.

There is a $50 Honorarium to the speaker in appreciation.

Contact info:

Programs committee email:

NEWC phone # 781-682-4878 or email,