Meetings start at 1PM  for the public to gather and talks usually start at 1:30 /2PM. Field Trips are members only, but you can sign up at any time through our membership page! Scroll down for a link to Field Trips and Other Events.

2021 Meetings

Jan 10Open
Feb 14Open
Mar 14 Snake Behavior Interpreted SCARF, the Snake Conservation and Applied Research Facility
Apr 11Monitors!!!Mike’s Monitors
May 09TBA
May X
Jun 13TBA
July 11TBA 
July 31Massachusetts Reptile
Aug 08The Rattlesnake
Sep 12 TBA
Oct 10
Nov 14TBA
Dec 12TBA

Field Trips and Other Events

Past Meetings

Dear Prospective Presenter:

If you would like to come to a meeting and speak to our group, please choose an open date from the list above. Please tell us what format you can present with (PowerPoint, Keynote etc.) Let us know if you have a Mac or PC.

Your talk should run 30-45 minutes or so; 60 minutes is fine if you like!

If you need a slide projector or laptop projector, let us know.

There is a $50 Honorarium to the speaker in appreciation.

Contact info:

Programs committee email:

NEWC phone # 781-682-4878 or email,