Benefits of Being a Member!

(Updated 3/11/2022)

When you become a member you get a membership card in the mail or in your hand if purchased in person. This card is important and must be shown during event attendance and other members only events as well as to purchase food animals.

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Members Can Buy Food Animals!

– Only members can buy feeders during our meetings.
– Mice are available in packages of 10.
– Rats are available on request and will be delivered to the meeting.
Please email: Jack ([email protected]) email at least 1 week before the meeting for availability and terms.
– Dubia Roaches will be available in the future.
– Isopods will be available in the future.

Applying for the Board!

–  Members can run for open board positions.
– This gives you a vote during board meetings and a chance to serve on a 501c3 certified organization.
– Want more details? Become a member and ask at one of our meetings.

Field Trips! (Click here for Current Trips)

– Members can attend field trips during our meeting days, field herping trips, and official outings.
– Past field trips include NERD, Bristol Aggie Turtle Facility, Roger Williams.
– Members need to be current members and present their ID card at the event. Some events require signup prior to attending.

Field Herping!

– Field Herping is frequently done off site. Sites are not disclosed to the general public to prevent damage/poaching to the site.
– Information about field herping times are given on our main Facebook page and the NEHS forum.
– Site locations are not given out until meet up time at the New England Wildlife Center or through direct contact with the Trip Leader. (usually through Facebook Messenger)

Zoo Discounts!

– Members can get discounts at New England Zoos and Aquariums.
– Some Zoos are a “Special Discount Day” and others will be a general discount.
– Current Zoos: Roger Williams (Special day), Franklin Park (Special day)
– Zoos we hope to get: Stoneham Zoo, Boston Aquarium, Southwick Zoo

Expo Discounts!

Massachusetts Reptile Expos
– Members get in free with valid membership ID card.

Local Privately Owned Stores’ Discounts!

– With a valid membership card you can get discounts at local reptile stores in New England. We are currently re-verifying this perk with our store list. Many of these stores have members as owners/employees. This is not an endorsement. They choose to do this as they believe in our cause and many of them are Mass Reptile Expo Vendors


(We are currently re-verifying this perk with our store list.) Updated 3/11/2022

Cold Blooded Pets (Acushnet MA) – 5% Purchase with valid membership card.

Sabrina’s Reptile Kingdom (Cumberland RI) – 10% Off purchase with valid membership card

More Perks Soon!