Jan 16Snakes and UsSCARF
Feb 13Reptiles of New England and the World (Cancelled due to Snow)Rick Roth of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team
Mar 13Vernal Pools and Local HerpsRick Roth of Cape Ann Vernal Pond Team
Apr 10Headstarting and Local TurtlesBrian Bastarache of Bristol Agricultural High School
May 15Meet the BoardNEHS Board
Jun 123d Digitizing Library of AnimalsDuncan Irschick
Jun 19Massachusetts Reptile
July 10No Meeting 
If a month says “Open”We are looking for Presenters!
Aug 14No MeetingToo Hot 
Sep 11Show and Tell!Bring your Animals
Oct 9Halloween Party (Potluck, Pumpkin Carving, Costumes!!)In Person at the New England Wildlife Center
Nov 13No Meeting Because Massachusetts Reptile Expo on Nov 20th EXPO!!
Dec 11Holiday Potluck!!Food, Friends, and Voting!