The following information is exerpted from the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife website ( Please note that only reptile & amphibian information has been provided. Please refer to the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife site for the full regulation text.

Unrestrited Reptile & Amphibian Species

Listed Species: The following species of reptiles and amphibians do not require an importation permit, and can be traded by commercial pet shops, pursuant to Title 12 MRSA 7237, and 7377 and Regulations Chapter 2.3 and 7.60: “Acceptable species of tropical fish and wildlife that may be imported without an importation permit shall be designated by the Commissioner, a list of which shall be maintained and made available by the Department. The acceptability of such species to be imported or possessed shall be based on an informed determination by the Commissioner that the species will not cause an unreasonable risk to indigenous species, or their habitats, or pose other dangers to the natural community, in captivity or if accidentally or intentionally released into the wild.”

Reminder: A Wildlife or Fish Importation permit is STILL required for any species that is not listed herein as Unrestricted by the Commissioner. The list is updated annually on January 1st. Please check for species that may be added or deleted from the list.

Added this year: Degu- Octodon degu

Addition of Species: Any species can be considered for addition to this list by submitting a request with sufficient documentation to the Warden Service Permit Office by September for the next annual publication.

Captive Breeding: The Department is moving towards a requirement that all stock for pet shops be captive bred. If a listed species is not available as captive bred, an exception can be considered if requested (see heading “Addition of Species” above). This is necessary because of high tick loads and health issues, and other considerations in many wild caught specimens.

Maine Law prohibits the commercial trading of native Maine snakes and turtles taken from the wild.

Endangered Species – Animal Welfare:

Importers of wildlife must comply with CITES and Endangered and Threatened Species Regulations, and with State and Federal Animal Welfare laws. Under Maine law, in addition to Maine Warden Service, the Department of Agriculture Pet Shop Inspector may enforce Fish and Wildlife laws (Title 12 MRSA) relating to wildlife importation.

Species Identification: Because of the variety of common names in use, the latin scientific name of all wildlife and fish species sold in pet shops must be designated and readily available at inspection. They are listed here by common name first.

Questions regarding domestic animals, or about the pet shop license itself, should be addressed to the Department of Agriculture, Food & Rural Resources, Division of Regulations, Animal Welfare Unit, Station #28, Augusta, ME 04333. (207) 287-3846.

Questions regarding the importation of fish or wildlife, and about the unrestricted species list for importing wildlife, should be addressed to Warden Service, 284 State Street, 41 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333-0041. (207) 287-5240.

Wildlife Possession Permit
Propagation Permit
Importation Permit

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BIO – “BIOHAZARD” This is a species whose native environment/climate is not unlike Maine’s. The chances of this species being able to establish itself and thrive in Maine are reasonably high.

E&T – “ENDANGERED AND THREATENED” This animal is endangered and threatened in its native habitat.

SN – “SPECIAL NEEDS” These animals require highly specialized care in captivity.

CB – Captive Bred Only

ssp – all subspecies unrestcited


Water Snakes Nerodia spp.  Exceptions: Northern Water Snake N. Sipedon (BIO)  Atlantic Salt Marsh Snake N. clarkiitaeniata (E&T)  Concho Water Snake N. paucimaculata (E&T)

Rat Snake, American ( New World) Elaphe spp.  Exceptions: Black Rat Snake E.O. obsoleta (BIO) (E&T in MA) Old World Rat Snake Elaphe spp (SN & BIO)

King Snakes Lampropeltis spp.  Exceptions: Scarlet King Snake L. triangulum elapsoides (SN) St. Helena Mt. King Snake L.Z. zonata (BIO)

Milk Snakes Lampropeltis spp.  Exceptions: Eastern Milk Snake L. Triangulum triangulum (BIO) Red Milk Snake L. triangulum syspila (BIO) Pale Milk Snake L.T. multistrata (BIO)

Indigo Snake, South American Cribo Drymarchon spp. (Captive bred only) Exceptions: All U.S. Indigo Snakes (SN) (E&T)

Gopher and Pine Snakes Pituophis melanoleucu sub spp.  Glossy Snakes Arizona spp.  House Snakes Boaedon spp.  Sunbeam Snake Xenopeltis unicolor  Boa Constrictor Boa constrictor constrictor (also known as the Red-Tailed Boa) Ball Python Python regius (captive bred only due to high tick loads from wild) Rainbow Boa Epicrates cenchrin spp.  Rosey Boa Lichanur trivirgata  Jungle Carpet Python Morelia spilota ssp.  Childrens Python Liasis childreni  Kenyan Sand Boa Eryx colubrinus loveridgei (captive bred only) Rough Scaled Sand Boa Eryx conicus (captive bred only)


Common Name Scientific Name
Common Agama Agama agama
Giant Ameiva Ameiva ameiva
Basilisks, common Basiliscus spp.
Bearded dragon Pogona vitticeps
Chameleons, New World (only) Anolis spp.
Chuckwalla, Chilean (only) Phymaturus spp.
Gecko, Mediterranean Hemidaclybus spp.
Gecko, Banded (all) Coleonyx spp.
Gecko, Day Phelsuma spp.
Gecko, Leopard Eublepharis spp.
Gecko, Tokay Gecko gecko
Gecko, African Fat Tailed (captive bred only) Hemitheconyx caudicinctus
Gecko, New Caledonian Crested Rhacodactylus ciliatus
Lizard, Alligator Gerrhonotus spp.
Lizard, Collard and leopard Crotaphytus spp.
Lizard, Curly-tailed Leiocephalus spp.
Lizard, False club-tailed Pseudocordylus spp.
Lizard, Girdle-tailed Cordylus spp.
Lizard, Glass Ophisaurus spp.
Lizard, Greater Earless Holbrookia spp.
Lizard, Mountain-horned Calotes spp.
Lizard, Plated Gerrhosaurus spp.
Lizard, Rock Platysaurus spp.
Lizard, Side blotched Uta spp.
Lizard, Spiny Sceloporus spp.
Lizard, Tree and Bush Urosaurus spp.
Lizard, zebra-tailed Calisaurus spp.
Lizard, Black (spiny tailed) Ctenosaurus spp.
Lizard, whiptail Cnemidophorus spp.
Lizard, Night Xantusia spp.
Skink, Blue tongue (captive bred only) Tiligua spp.
Skink, Southwestern Five-lined Eumeces inexpectatus
Tegu, Common (captive bred only) Tupinambis spp.
Tegu, dwarf Callopistes spp.
Water dragon Physignathus spp.
So. American Swift Exception: L.Altissimus Liolaemus spp.


Common Name Scientific Name
Red-Eared Turtle Chrysemys scripta elegans


Common Name Scientific Name
Horned Frog Ceratophrys spp.
Whites Tree Frog Litoria caerulea
Green Tree Frog Hyla cinerea
Red Eyed Tree Frog Agaychnis ssp.
Pixie Frog (African Bullfrog) Pyxicephalus spp. (captive bred only)