Family Membership Subscription

$20.00 / Year For 1 Year

An NEHS family membership is a yearly membership that gives 4 individuals the additional perks.

Perks such as field trip access, herping trips, zoo discounts, food animals.
Check out the list of benefits here!

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Membership in NEHS is open to anyone interested in reptiles and amphibians. Family Membership in the Society entitles 4 individuals with membership cards to attend meetings and registration on the NEHS Forum.

Check out the list of benefits here!

When you become a family member you get 4 membership cards in the mail or in your hand if purchased in person. This card is important and must be shown during event attendance and other members only events as well as to purchase food animals.

Your family membership expires one year from your purchase, unless a life membership was purchased.

Example: Membership bought in March 2018 will expire in March 2019 unless a Life membership is purchased.


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